Online Training

This event requires you to be WBC licensed. Click here to purchase a license.

WBC Advanced Online Training
January 20 & 21
11:00 am – 2:00 pm Central each day
Tuition $399
Instructors: Michael Seibert and Jason Goldstein
You must be WBC licensed to attend.
Training Description:

This is a fast-paced class, mainly focusing on Pre-Retiree case studies, more difficult cases, how to overcome objections, and much more! Prior attendance of a 2-day WBC training event is strongly encouraged. This course is designed to advance your expertise of the presentations and calculators included in the Wealth Building Cornerstones system. You will learn powerful nuances to the presentations, forms, supporting documentation and calculators.

This class will be taught by Michael Seibert and Jason Goldstein, both seasoned producers themselves, who have years of experience in WBC training. This is an interactive experience.

In Person



Easy-to-Follow Training & Presentations

Wealth Building Cornerstones was developed so financial professionals could get up and running very quickly on their own. Included in the licensee website are audio/video client presentations (you can start playing these for clients the day you become a licensee) and scripts as well as online video tutorials for the Pre-Retiree Cornerstones Calculator™, Pre-Retiree Cornerstones Blueprint™, and Retiree Cornerstones Blueprint™ and Calculator.

Whether working with Pre-Retirees or Retirees there is a step-by-step “Getting Started” guide that walks you through what to focus on initially which minimizes start up time.

WBC hosts webinars throughout the year on select topics that are then archived on the licensee website.

You can also attend WBC training events that help financial professionals get started and master their skills. These events are generally 2 days in length and are held throughout the year nationwide and at company home office locations. Upcoming nationwide events will be listed below as they are scheduled.