System & Software

Accessing Wealth Building Cornerstones

  • WBC’s licensee website for financial professionals houses all the presentations, materials, and calculators included in the system and is accessed through individual login credentials.
  • The WBC App for Apple and Android devices is included in the annual license fee. The WBC App enables licensees to download WBC presentations to their devices for easy client interaction even when not connected to the internet after initial download.
  • Printed versions of the main presentations and client “take home” booklets are available for additional purchase as well.

Client Processes

Economically, Pre-Retirees and Retirees have different functions of their money. A Pre-Retiree is preparing to have efficient package options (combinations of financial tools/products) available to choose from at retirement time to accomplish their retirement objectives. In contrast, a Retiree needs to be able to analyze and choose from the package options they have available to them at that time for implementation to accomplish their retirement objectives. Therefore, WBC has two different, easy–to–follow client processes for Pre-Retirees and Retirees that encompass both Protection and Wealth Building appropriately for each.


WBC contains Pre–Retiree and Retiree client presentations (including versions with professional voiceover) that are incorporated into the different steps of the client processes, so that you can begin using WBC right away.

Pre-Retiree Cornerstones Blueprint™

The Pre-Retiree Cornerstones Blueprint™ is the organizational visual fact finder for financial professionals and Pre-Retiree clients to see all aspects of their financial life in one spot including Family Information, Debt, Protection, and Wealth Building. This blueprint enables coordination of protection and wealth building features and is linked to our proprietary Pre-Retiree Cornerstones Calculator ™.

Pre-Retiree Cornerstones Calculator™

When it comes to wealth building and saving for retirement income streams there are two common questions that virtually every Pre-Retiree has:

  1. How much do I need to save?
  2. Where do I need to put it?

The Cornerstones Calculator™ provides the ability to analyze the impact that various pre-retirement financial decisions have on the ultimate objective, being to create retirement income streams later. These decisions include how to allocate Annual Savings, Existing Money, College Savings, Mortgage Payments, Cost of Waiting, etc. Being able to see, understand, and make financial decisions in pre-retirement based directly on how those decisions impact retirement income is very powerful and is a perspective many people have not had the opportunity to take advantage of.

Retiree Cornerstones Blueprint™ and Income/Liquidity/Legacy Package Options

The Retiree Cornerstones BlueprintTM is the organizational visual fact finder for financial professionals and Retiree clients to see all aspects of their financial life in one spot including Family Information, Defined Retirement Objectives, Debt, Protection, and Income/Liquidity/Legacy package options. The blueprint enables financial professionals to analyze and objectively compare the different package options available with their clients to accomplish their defined retirement objectives.

Agent Forms, Supporting Documentation, and Additional Calculators

WBC contains forms for financial professionals to use throughout the client process. There are also numerous supporting documents including academic/scientific backing for different strategies available. A suite of additional calculators is included for various financial calculations.

Marketing Materials

There is a marketing library that houses different materials for a licensee to use for marketing purposes such as pictures, screenshots, videos, etc.

(This is a video that WBC licensees can utilize in client meetings or attach to emails, websites, social media, etc. for marketing purposes.)