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“Wealth Building Cornerstones has had a significant impact in our firm. Our clients now understand that permanent life insurance is the foundation of their financial success not just in their accumulation years but in retirement. Because clients have never seen anything like this, they want their friends to know about it. They are making introduction before we ask. I have been an agency builder since 1987. I have never worked with a process that is so powerful and yet easy for the producers to learn and become productive with. The Wealth Building Cornerstones website is simple to use and turn key for training, support and assistance. As you can tell, I highly recommend WBC, it’s a game changer.”
- Dwight Spence, CFP®, CLTC
“I’ve used numerous financial systems in my 30 plus years of helping clients. WBC is arguably the cleanest, clearest, and easiest system for a client to understand. There are many systems that tout various ways to build/grow assets during the Accumulation Phase of wealth building, but I have found WBC to be the very best in helping the client understand the wealth de-accumulation phase during the Distribution/retirement phase. WBC helps me, the advisor, to structure client’s asset/insurance in such a way that maxes out the amount of retirement income and the options that can be enjoyed. It is not at all unusual to increase the client’s retirement income stream by 75% to as much as 300% without the client ever having to reduce their current lifestyle or take on any more risk. I use WBC as a stand-alone system or in tandem with my holistic planning system.”
- J.G. "Woody" Woodall, CFP®
“WBC has been a powerful element for my personal practice as well as for my team. The ability to scale the design based on the needs of the client makes the platform relevant for someone with a traditional W-2 income or the small business owner with 1099 income. Using science to illustrate to clients how they can significantly improve over the 3-4% withdrawal rate in retirement truly differentiates what we can offer compared to other advisors. This has shifted the conversation from rate of return and asset value to the one thing on every retiree’s mind as they enter retirement-income.”
- Shane Bauman (Managing Director)
“With WBC our advisors are now able to bridge the gap between the investment and insurance industries. It gives our clients, both Pre-Retirees and Retirees, an easy to understand step-by-step process, truly amazing!!”
- Jamie Chesser, Jamie Chesser
“I have integrated Wealth Building Cornerstones into my practice for only a few months and I am seeing a difference in the results already. WBC is a different way of thinking to what I had been initially taught. It has changed my perspective on the industry, my language, and my interaction with clients all for the better.  This process and approach has already made a tremendous difference in my practice—and this is only after a few months! I look forward to even greater results in due time.”
- Mike Bornstein, CLTC Senior Vice President
“As a Certified Financial Planner™ since 1999, I have used many approaches and systems to help clients achieve their financial goals. In my experience, Wealth Building Cornerstones is the best.  Wealth Building Cornerstones is an academically sound and comprehensive system. It improves advisors’ capacity to help clients solve varied financial issues with a repeatable, efficient process.”
- Celia R. Sandel, MS, CFBS, CFP®
“This system is simple yet sophisticated and makes absolute sense! Clients pick up on it right away!”
- Lee Pickering, CLU, ChFC
“WBC is superior to anything I have seen in my 29 year financial services career for effectively positioning Whole Life insurance. We introduced WBC into our agency in 2016, and we are really starting to hit our stride with it. It is heavily supported by the research and the white papers of some of the most respected scholars in the industry like Wade Pfau, Moshe Milevsky, etc.These are Academians, not sales guys, and their credibility is immensely helpful. It is easier to learn than most systems because it is self-contained and includes video training tutorials, archived webinars, Power Point presentations, scripts, fact finders, calculators, etc. It puts our clients in the best possible position to create optimal income in retirement. Anything that makes it easier for people to make the right decisions for themselves is a good thing.”
- Anonymous, General Agent
“WBC is more than a selling system, it’s retirement planning truth. Any retirement planning done not using WBC is simply sub-optimal. Every one of us in the business of helping clients plan for the long-term owes to their clients and themselves to understand how real planning works. Every planner would like to believe they’re maximizing every dollar for their client’s retirement savings. The problem is, how do they know? WBC answers the question beyond any doubt, so that the client can implement the most effective and efficient savings strategies for the long-term.”
- Jason Lohnes CFP®, CLU
“With the risk of retirement being transferred squarely back to the individual, the WBC "beginning with the end in mind" is a great way to communicate those issues to our prospects and clients. WBC clears the air on how financial products should work together for both maximum protection during the accumulation phase and maximum income during the retirement phase of life.”
- Randy Gorsuch CLU, ChFC, LUTCF
“I’ve been in the life insurance profession for over 40 years, and therefore, in the winter of my career. Most of my clients are nearing or are in retirement and therefore trying to maximize their income without the risk of running out of money. Prior to using The Wealth Building Cornerstones program, I would educate my clients as to the value life insurance could play in the planning for retirement, not just as a death benefit, but a valuable asset that could enhance their retirement. The Wealth Building Cornerstones program is the most remarkable way to demonstrate to your clients and prospective clients how whole life insurance gives them an “edge” in retirement planning. I would encourage everyone to explore this valuable tool.”
- Anonymous, GA Emeritus
“For years we have been helping our clients understand that the only reason they save money is to be able to spend it someday. With Wealth Building Cornerstones, our advisors have the tool they need to help our clients clearly see the impact investments and life insurance have on their retirement income. WBC’s pinpoint accuracy and its amazing ease of use is priceless”
- Ken Grace, CLU
“WBC goes where no other program has ever gone!....WBC delivers the truth to client of personal economics!---WBC demonstrates that we must have more than a big pile of assets and savings to get interest from---we must have interest and actuarial science on our side to overcome obstacles of life and provide the income we will need----Thanks for making the job of being a financial truth-teller a lot easier...and thanks from my clients for making it simple and removing complexity--clients lose focus down the road when things are complex....they stay with it when is delivered as focused and uncomplicated as WBC.” “WBC does in one meeting what I have tried for years to accomplish in multiple meetings-----it demonstrates boldly that properly funding whole life insurance and building their assets/savings simultaneously is the most powerful financial decision one can make in their financial life....anything less doesn't compare!”
- John Logan, CFP®, CLU
“The Cornerstones program has worked well for my clients and me. This program is not only dynamic but also has an ease of understanding that will grab the client's attention and interest regardless of their respective educational back grounds. Clients appreciate that Cornerstones is fast paced. At the end of each day we have the satisfaction that we have served others well. Cornerstones has my enthusiastic recommendation to financial professionals.”
- Jody Rhodes, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF